Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday's Cravings

Here are the items I'm currently craving this week! How gorgeous is this Anthropologie leather jacket?! I love the detailing, and it's definitely the perfect jacket for fall. I currently have a black leather jacket, but a brown one would definitely be a great addition to my wardrobe. Which is your favorite, and what are you currently craving?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Game Day Outfit

The weather is starting to feel like fall, which means I can finally wear boots! I went to North Carolina State University, and a great pair of boots is a necessity when it comes to Wolfpack football. When going to football games, my ideal game day outfit is always a pair of riding boots with a dress and a scarf like in this look. I like to look stylish at games, but it's important to always wear layers. These boots are definitely my new favorites for the cooler fall weather because they are so comfortable but have a rustic look to them that I love! I've been wearing them non-stop ever since I received them.





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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Weekly Steal

Here is this week's steal! I was shopping at Target (what a dangerous place) and I noticed this gorgeous black bag with a fun bow. It occurred to me how similar it is so this Kate Spade bag, but for a fraction of the price. Score! Oh how I love Kate Spade, but her bags can sometimes be pricey. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, this Target bag is definitely perfect at a price of only $34.99! Which bag would you buy?

bow bag kate spade target

Find the bags here:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Noonday Collection

I love companies that give back and support an amazing cause. That's exactly what Noonday Collection is doing! When you make a purchase you're helping the person/family that made your gorgeous piece of jewelry, scarf, etc. because they are able to make a living wage. Jalia and Daniel live in Uganda and they made The Tushabe Necklace that I'm wearing. Before Noonday Collection four years ago they didn't have enough money to afford to eat, but now they have a house and are employing over 300 people in their community. It's seriously amazing! This necklace is officially one my favorite pieces that I own and it definitely makes a statement. I'm in shock that it's made out of paper beads that someone made, and the quality is seriously outstanding. Check out the video at the end of this post to learn a little bit more about Noonday Collection.

Angela Tushabe Necklace-CLIENT FINALS WEB OPTIMIZED-0012

Angela Tushabe Necklace-CLIENT FINALS WEB OPTIMIZED-0015

Angela Tushabe Necklace-CLIENT FINALS WEB OPTIMIZED-0016

Angela Tushabe Necklace-CLIENT FINALS WEB OPTIMIZED-0014

Angela Tushabe Necklace-CLIENT FINALS WEB OPTIMIZED-0017

Angela Tushabe Necklace-CLIENT FINALS WEB OPTIMIZED-0013

Angela Tushabe Necklace-CLIENT FINALS WEB OPTIMIZED-0018

This is not a sponsored post. I just really love this company.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday's Cravings

Here are the items I'm currently craving this week! I've been thinking about getting a new watch, and I love this rose gold one by Michael Kors. I have a silver one now, but this rose gold one is just too gorgeous. I'm also loving this bag by Shop Ruche which is such a bargain right now! Which item is your favorite, and what are you currently craving?


This post is sponsored by The Watch Buyers Group. All opinions are my own.

Monday, October 13, 2014

My October RocksBox


I've talked about RocksBox before both here and here, needless to say I'm in love with this company and this subscription box! It's so fun to see what my stylist gives me each time. In case you've missed my RocksBox posts before here is how it works:

Rocksbox is a subscription jewelry box. You first fill out a style quiz about your jewelry prefences, and then shortly after that you will receive your box in the mail. The boxes include three pieces of designer jewelry that you can wear as much as you like! When you're done wearing them, you send them back and you then receive a new box. If there are any pieces that you want to keep and add to your wardrobe, you receive 20% off. The cost for the box is $19. Here's what was inside of my box:


I had the House of Harlow pendant necklace in my second box, and I sent it back. After I sent it back I immediately regretted it, so I requested to have it in my next box. This time I kept it and I absolutely love it in white!


I loved the Loren Hope earrings so much, and I shared them on Instagram here. They are stunning earrings, but they were just a little too heavy unfortunately. I sent them back.


These earrings are really different, and I really like them. I always wear silver earrings though, so I sent these back.

 I can't wait to receive my next box! If you're interested in trying out RocksBox you can sign up here.

I was gifted a 3 month subscription to RocksBox, but all opinions are my own. 

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cardigan Cape

My favorite part about fall is definitely getting to wear cozy clothing like this cape from The Shopping Bag! I love the houndstooth print, and it almost feels like I'm wearing a blanket which makes me love it even more. I've worn a cape coat before, but I love that this cape is a cardigan which makes it the the perfect layering piece for fall and for our upcoming mountain trip. It's so fun with this statement necklace and my colored heels for the weekend!

Visit The Shopping Bag and use the code 'HEADTOTOECHIC' for 25% off of your order!