Fall and Winter Eye Care

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Fall weather is here in North Carolina, and winter weather is just around the corner which is hard to believe! During the fall and winter I’ve found that it’s really important to take care of my eyes. Between the sunshine, wind, and even the heat it can definitely take a toll on me. This is especially true whenever I go skiing with my family each year! To combat this, I have two essentials when it comes to taking care of my eyes during this time of year. The first is a pair of oversized sunglasses or aviators like I’m wearing in this picture to keep my eyes protected.

The second is Rohto® Ice All-in- One Cooling Eye Drops. Like I mentioned above, my eyes get really irritated because of the sunshine, wind, and heat during the fall and winter. Not only do they get irritated, but when skiing with my family during the winter like I mentioned above the wind causes my eyes to become really dry. To combat this I turn to Rohto® Ice All-in- One Cooling Eye Drops because they are fast acting and effective. They
provide cooling relief for eight symptoms, to relieve red, dry,

itchy, irritated, burning, gritty, watery and stinging eyes. They help
relieve irritation and comforts eyes for up to 8 hours which is perfect
for an upcoming skiing trip! These eye drops are also in a small clear bottle that I’m able to easily throw in my tote bag along with my other essentials. Fall and winter are about having fun and enjoying the holidays, so I’m glad that my eyes are one less thing that I have to worry about. How do you protect your eyes during the fall and winter?

This post is sponsored by Rohto®, but all opinions are my own.


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