Travel Guide: Second Trip to London

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

If you’ve read this blog before you might remember that Robert and I went to Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Paris, and London in October. After that trip, we were bitten by the travel bug and couldn’t wait to plan our next adventure! We were trying to plan where to go for my 30th birthday, and we decided on London and Dublin. We thought it would be fun to go back and spend more time in London because we were exhausted by the end of our 17 day journey last time, and didn’t get to do a lot of the items on our list. When it came to the second stop, we decided a trip to Ireland was in order because it has always been on my bucket list!

Today I wanted to share with you what to do in London on your second visit:

What to do:

Sky Garden: Sky Garden is an indoor garden at the top of a tall building in the heart of London. The entrance into Sky Garden is free, but you do need to book a ticket online in advance. It’s seriously such a gorgeous space, with perfect views of all of London. We rode the London Eye on our last visit, but Sky Garden gives you views of the city for free which you can’t beat! There are also restaurants and a few bars so that you can grab something to eat or drink while enjoying the views.

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

Parliament: On our last visit to London we weren’t able to do a tour of Parliament and we were really bummed. We booked tickets online in advance, and we ended up doing an audio tour which was perfect. It was really amazing to learn all about Parliament, and the building is beautiful.

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

Covent Garden: After Parliament, we went to the Covent Garden area. Covent Garden is full of fun shops (Neal Yard remedies was such a great place), restaurants, and they even have street performers. It’s not like street performers that we would usually find at home though. Artists have to apply, and then get accepted before they are given a time slot to perform. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

Notting Hill: Notting Hill is full of the most gorgeous pastel buildings. You can find shops, restaurants, and also the Portobello Road market. It’s an outdoor market with different items for sale each day, but all the vendors are out on Saturdays. We went on a Saturday and I found the perfect leather bag! I loved checking out all the different vendors and we walked just about the whole length of Portobello Road market that day, with a break for a gin and tonic of course!

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

Soho: We strolled around Soho on my birthday before heading to afternoon tea. It’s another really unique area, and Carnaby Street is the destination if you’re looking to do some shopping. We stumbled upon this store called Liberty that ended up being such a great find!

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

Buckingham Palace: During our last visit we saw the changing of the guards (check online for the schedule), but we weren’t able to get up close to Buckingham Palace because of the large crowds. We strolled by Buckingham Palace after lunch, and saw the Palace and all its gorgeous detailing up close.

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

King’s Cross Station: Warner Brothers left Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station when they finished filming the Harry Potter movies. You’re able to take a picture with the cart, but the line was just too long for us. It was really fun to see since I’m such a Harry Potter fan!

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

St. Paul’s Cathedral: We admired this cathedral from the outside,
instead of opting to pay for the entrance and tour fee. It’s such a beautiful cathedral!

Shakespeare’s Globe: Shakespeare’s Globe definitely sticks out among all the other buildings in London. We were hoping to take a tour, but again just checked it out from the outside because it was closed for the day. It was so interesting to see though!

Where to eat:

Travel Guide: Second Trip to London-Head to Toe Chic-@headtotoechic

Sketch: Sketch lived up to my expectations. Robert was 1 of 5 guys at Sketch, and he was such a good sport to take me there for my birthday. Sketch is the all pink tea room that you might have seen on Instagram before, and it’s even more beautiful in person. The walls are decorated with incredibly funny art work, and they have really unique china. Once we sat down the sommelier explained the different champagnes that they offer if we wanted to go with that option, and of course we went with rosé! You only turn 30 once after all. We then ordered the rest of our afternoon tea which included sandwiches, pastries, scones, cake, and a pot of tea. It was plenty of food for lunch!

Founders Arms: This is located near Shakespeare’s Globe, and we grabbed a few drinks and an appetizer before heading over to Sky Garden. It was a great place to relax for a little while!

Sherlock Holmes: This was our favorite spot from our last trip, so we couldn’t resist going again. They have the best fish and chips that we had in London.

Dishoom: London is known for having great Indian food, and I’ve heard amazing things about Dishoom. We tried to go last time, but the line out the door was incredibly long. I discovered that you can make a reservation for lunch, so that’s exactly what we did. It definitely lived up to all of the hype!

Churchill Arms: Churchill Arms is the first Thai restaurant in London. It’s a gorgeous building decorated with flowers on the outside and on the ceilings in the inside. We went here for dinner, and I ordered the vegetable pad thai which was delicious!

Have you been to London before?



  1. April 3, 2017 / 11:02 am

    I have! And this post is making me miss it SO much!!

  2. April 3, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    Sounds like such a fun trip! I went to Europe in high school, but we were only able to be in London for 24 hours. I would love to go back and spend some time there.


  3. April 3, 2017 / 7:40 pm

    did you need, or did you make, reservations at these places? we are going this month, and i don't want to be confined to one area, or feel like we have to make it back on a specific day for our reservations. the only thing i have reservations for is our tea.

    • April 3, 2017 / 7:47 pm

      I only made reservations for Dishoom and Sketch. We also booked tickets ahead of time for Parliament and Sky Garden. I hope you have a great trip!!

  4. April 4, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    I love London! I only spent a weekend there during my study abroad and I’ve been dying to go back ever since. I fell in love with city and I hope to go back sometime.

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