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Nursing Essentials -@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Today I thought I would share some of my nursing essentials with you! Being able to nurse Charlotte is something that’s really important to me, but it can definitely be a little stressful at times. Here are some things that making nursing a little easier if you’re a Mom too:

Nursing friendly tops:

I have a few nursing tops from Old Navy and Target (like this one, this one, and this one) which makes feeding Charlotte so much easier! I also find that wearing shirts that are a little loose and ones that button are also really easy to nurse in (like this one and this one).

Boppy pillow:

I’ve been using a boppy pillow since day one and it makes nursing a lot easier, especially when Charlotte was itty bitty! The boppy pillow gets her in the perfect position, and it prevents me from having to hunch over which I definitely appreciate.

Nursing bras:

The perfect nursing bra can be really hard to find, especially when you have a larger chest! I recently ordered this one from Old Navy, but my favorite nursing bra is from Cake Maternity that I mentioned here. On a side note, when I’m away from Charlotte I also use a pumping bra and this is the one that I use here.

Water bottle:

Drinking plenty of water is key in order to keep up a good supply. I drink water constantly throughout the day, and I always carry a water bottle with one like this Swell water bottle.


Making sure that you eat enough calories is also important to keep up a good supply, so I make sure to carry snacks with me and also have them on hand when I’m nursing. I did a lot of research about things that can increase milk supply and found that oats, brewer’s yeast, and flaxseed are all foods that can help. I make a big batch of these no-bake lactation bites every Sunday which includes all of these ingredients.

Legendary Milk supplements:

I tried taking supplements that included Fenugreek about a month ago, but found that it actually decreased my milk supply. I recently discovered supplements by Legendary Milk that don’t include Fenugreek which is perfect! I take ‘Pump Princess’ which has helped increase my supply by about 1 oz or more each time that I pump when I’m away from Charlotte.


What are your nursing essentials?

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