Taking a Road Trip with an Infant

Taking a Road Trip with an Infant-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Over the weekend we took a little road trip to visit Robert’s Grandfather. Charlotte is so fortunate to be able to know a Great Grandparent, and it was definitely time for Charlotte to meet her Great Granddad! Seeing the two of them meet for the first time was so special, and we’ll definitely be going back to visit soon. I was a little worried about how being in the car with a 5 month old for 5 hours would be, and while it wasn’t easy it was definitely better than I thought. Today I wanted to share some tips and tricks that we learned along in the way in hopes that it might be able to help out another new parent:

 1. Stock the diaper bag:

Of course we brought her diaper bag (this is the one we are using right now and I love how roomy it is), complete with all of our essentials which you can read about here. The only difference is that I brought more of everything just in case since we were farther away from home.

2. Bring plenty of toys:

I brought plenty of toys to keep her occupied when in the car and also when at Granddad’s house. This girl is all about her toys are her favorites include anything with The Hungry Caterpillar, and this toy is her all time favorite.

3. Timing is everything:

We left for our road trip during Charlotte’s normal nap time, and then we went home during her bedtime. This meant that she would get some sleep to and from Granddad’s house in theory. Of course it was outside of her normal routine which meant that she didn’t get as much sleep as usual, but you have to give yourself some grace because it’s all new and different. I did have a car seat canopy over her to make it dark, and I brought a portable sound machine to help her get as much sleep as possible. I also changed her into her pajamas before leaving Granddad’s so that we could just lay her into her crib once we got home.

4. Be prepared:

Charlotte is 5 months old, and this is usually when babies become very distracted when eating. When at home the only way she will nurse is if we are in her nursery, and if all the lights are off and curtains are closed. I knew that getting her to eat in a strange place would be challenging, so I brought bottles, my pump, and a cooler just in case she refused to eat. This way she wouldn’t become dehydrated, and I could avoid mastitis.

5. Sit in the back seat:

Whenever we go somewhere with Charlotte my husband always drives, and I sit in the back seat with her. She did unfortunately cry a lot when we were in the car, and it was a lot easier to help soothe her and calm her down when sitting next to her.


What are your road trip essentials and tips when it comes to traveling with an infant?

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