Charlotte’s Favorite Things: 11 Months

I last shared some of Charlotte’s favorite things when she was 7 months old here.  Our most used products have changed since then so I thought I would share an update! All of these items can be found on Amazon:

I recently bought this jumper after Charlotte kept trying to jump around in her walker and activity center. She won’t stay in it for very long, but when she does she jumps around like crazy and giggles!

We also have 3 different versions of this bib and it is seriously the best. Not only are they really fun, but it’s perfect to catch all of the food now that she is feeding herself. I always keep one in her diaper bag, and then we just use the other two on rotation at home.

We also really love this sippy cup the most out of all the different ones that we own, and we bring it with us whenever we are on the go.

I just picked up this The Hungry Caterpillar book recently since I knew that we were going to be in the car for a little bit going to visit Charlotte’s Grandparents. It kept her busy for over an hour which was a miracle! She is in love with it and all of the flaps that it has.

I also think that the most used item that we have right now is this shopping cart and high chair cover. I always keep it in the diaper bag and we use it whenever we go to restaurants, to Target, and even to the park when Charlotte swings. It’s seriously the best and has a little crinkle book attached.

Lastly, we just got this playpen about a month ago and it is a game changer. Charlotte is constantly on the go now and is always getting into all sorts of trouble. This keeps her contained for a little while, and she loves pulling up to stand on it too.  Charlotte's Favorite Things: 11 Months-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Jumper | Bib | Sippy cup | The Hungry Caterpillar book | Shopping cart and high chair cover | Playpen

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