5 Ways to Find Time to Exercise as a Mom

How to Find Time to Exercise as a Mom-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

1. Workout before your child/children wake up for the day

This is what has worked best for me since staring the 21 Day Fix again. However, if your child isn’t sleeping through the night I wouldn’t recommend doing this. You have to give yourself a little grace, and just focus on getting as much sleep as you can when you have a baby. Charlotte would sleep through the night every now and then starting at 4 months, but she wasn’t consistently sleeping through the night until she was 11 months old. I would try to workout on very little sleep, but I just didn’t have the energy and I physically couldn’t do it. Now that I’m sleeping again though, I’m able to wake up before Charlotte does for the day and get one of my 21 Day Fix workouts in. I’m definitely starting to feel like myself again now that I’m working out consistently and I love it!

2. Go on a walk

When I’m not able to do one of my 21 Day Fix workouts, I’ll go on a walk instead. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and I’ll usually bring the family along with me which is a nice way for us to all spend time together. We’ll walk for about 30 minutes or so, which is very manageable and going on a walk is also a great idea if you’re on maternity leave too.

3. Do a yoga video at home with your little one

I signed up for Beachbody on Demand and they have a few postpartum workouts that I tried. One of the workouts is yoga that you can do with your baby which is so fun! I did it a few times with Charlotte before she started crawling and walking all over the place. She really loved it and would giggle the whole time. It’s also a bonus that the video is really short, low impact, and it’s a great way to get moving for a little while each day!

4. Go to a gym with childcare

I know a lot of Mamas that will go to a gym that has childcare that’s available. It’s a great way to get your workout in, while your little one gets to play with other children. Another option is to hire a babysitter, or have your significant other hold down the fort while you workout during nap time on the weekends (this is what I do sometimes if I don’t wake up early enough on the weekends).

5. Don’t stress

Being a Mama is hard, but so worth it. It’s also your number one priority so if exercising doesn’t happen don’t stress. Just do as much as you can in this season of life, and if working out is important to you it will happen again!

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