Charlotte’s Favorite Things: 13 Months

Here are some of Charlotte’s favorite things at 13 months (you can see her favorite things at 11 months here and 7 months here)! Charlotte is definitely a toddler now and is walking all over the place, and also making a fuss when she doesn’t get her way. She recently learned how to drink from a straw cup, and this Lollaland straw cup is the one that she has been drinking out of and she absolutely loves it. She also loves puffs and yogurt melts and she’ll eat them out of this snack catcher whenever we are on the go, and we’ll use these silicone placemats whenever we go out to eat.

When it comes to toys, she is obsessed with balls right now. When I get her out of her crib in the morning the first thing that she asks for is a ball which is pretty hilarious. These rattle balls are her absolute favorite and she could play with them all day, and she also loves to play with this musical elephant that is seriously too cute.

Whenever we don’t want to use Charlotte’s bigger stroller, we’ve been using this Summer Infant stroller which is more compact and a little easier to maneuver in crowds. It’s definitely perfect for whenever we bring her to the science museum!

Charlotte's Favorite Things: 13 Months

Silicone placemat set | Summer Infant stroller | Rattle ball set

Snack catcher | Musical elephant | Lollaland straw cup

Let me know if you have any items for your kids that you can’t live without!

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