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My current obsession is listening to podcasts! My drive to work can take up to 45 minutes so listening to a podcast makes it go by so quickly versus just listening to music.. For some reason I really love investigative podcasts the most, but lately I’ve tried to mix it up with some podcasts that have a little humor too. Here are my current favorite podcasts:


I first listened to Serial when we went to Europe back in 2016. There are now 3 seasons, but the second season isn’t the best to be completely honest. I definitely suggest listening to the first and third seasons, which are so different from one another and they are so good. The first season covers a really interesting case that is still going on right now, while the third season covers a bunch of different cases in Ohio and they talk about what’s wrong with the system there.


S-Town starts out going in a completely different direction than how it ends. This podcast ends up being about John McLemore and his life, and it definitely has its highs and lows. Also, make sure you have some tissues if you listen to the end.

In the Dark

I just started listening to In the Dark after my sister’s recommendation. She suggested that I listen to the second season which covers a case that happened in Winona, MN with Curtis Flowers that is really interesting. I started listening to the first season, but the case is just so sad that I’m having a hard time getting through it.

Dirty John

Dirty John covers all that John Meehan did wrong in his life, and man is there a lot. He ended up marrying a lady named Debra Newell, who is so sweet and innocent and definitely got taken advantage of. The ending definitely had me sitting on the edge of my seat! This was also made into a series on Bravo that I still need to watch.

Over My Dead Body

I just finished listening to this podcast, and this case is still going on and I believe the court date is this summer. I didn’t realize this, so the podcast definitely leaves you hanging in the end. They will be releasing updates as this case goes on, and I’m interested to see who is convicted.

Missing Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen in public in many years, so this podcast goes into the different theories on why Richard Simmons is in hiding.


My friend Courtney suggested that I listen to LadyGang, and guys I’m in love! It’s so funny and I love all of the different guests that they bring onto their podcast. It’s also a show that you can watch on E!

Off the Vine

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette was by far my favorite. The drama was just too good, so it’s no surprise that I love her podcast. She talks a lot about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but has so many different kinds of guests on her show too that you’ll definitely be hooked.

Bad on Paper

I just started listening to this podcast on my way to Williamsburg, VA a couple weeks back. One of the podcast hosts is Grace Atwood who is a blogger that I’ve followed for a while now, so I love listening to her recommendations on a variety of things. They also have some really interesting guests too including Blair Eadie!


What are your favorite podcasts?

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