Tuesday’s Cravings: Postpartum Hair Must Haves

Tuesday's Cravings: Postpartum Hair Must Haves

In today’s post I wanted to showcase some must have items for postpartum hair! I experienced a lot of postpartum hair loss and my hair has been so different ever since giving birth to Charlotte. Here are my favorite products that have really helped:

The number one product that really helped me is the OGX thick & full + biotin and collagen shampoo. As soon as I started using this shampoo I noticed that my hair wasn’t falling out as much which was a huge win. I’ve been using this shampoo for over a year now, and I’ve noticed that it has helped my hair become a lot fuller!

I also started using the Living Proof volume blast which helped bring some life to my hair again when it was looking pretty thin. I just spray it on my hair when it’s dry and work it in with my fingers. It also smells amazing which is a huge bonus.

Living Proof also has the best dry shampoo hands down! I’ve tried dozens of dry shampoos and I feel like this one actually cleans my hair when I use it. I’m trying to take better care of my hair which means not washing it so much, so this dry shampoo helps a lot.

I use this Kristen Ess flat iron, which is way better than any others that I have tried. On the days that I do use this flat iron, I make sure to use the Living Proof restore spray which helps condition my hair and also protects it against the heat.

The last product I love are these invisibobble hair ties! They help keep my hair from breaking like it does with normal hair ties, and they don’t leave a crease!

What are your postpartum hair must haves?

Tuesday's Cravings: Postpartum Hair Must Haves-@akeeleywhite-Head to Toe Chic

Living Proof volume blast | OGX thick & full + biotin and collagen shampoo | Living Proof restore spray

Kristen Ess flat iron | Living Proof dry shampoo | invisibobble hair ties

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