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Nashville Travel Guide-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

I’ve been to Nashville, Tennessee three times now and it’s one of my favorite cities to visit! It has definitely changed a lot since the first time I went though and it’s a popular place to visit for Bachelorette parties and birthdays which can make it a little crazy. I’ve gone to Nashville to celebrate our anniversary a couple times, and I’ve also gone for a girls weekend and I think it’s a fun place to visit for either occasion. Here are my favorite restaurants, bars, and things to do:

Where to eat:

Nashville Travel Guide-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Merchants: This is my favorite restaurant in Nashville, and it’s located on Broadway. I went for lunch all three times I was in Nashville since dinner is a bit pricey. It was the perfect lunch spot, but make a reservation! The black bean burger is my favorite thing on the menu.

The Southern: I went for dinner two of the times I was in Nashville, and again make a reservation. It’s a popular spot, and it isn’t far from Broadway so you can easily walk. It’s definitely a nicer restaurant and they specialize in steaks and oysters.

Puckett’s Grocery: It’s not a grocery like you would think, but it’s a restaurant that also has live music at night. I went there for breakfast and lunch and it was delicious! My husband also says that they have the best Nashville hot chicken of all the places that we visited.

5th and Taylor: We went here for dinner, and I loved the cheese plate and the cauliflower dish that they had. It’s a nicer restaurant and it’s where we went to celebrate our anniversary.

Deacon’s New South: We went for brunch and it’s a gorgeous restaurant that is quiet and away from the crowd. It’s easy to walk there from Broadway as well, and I loved their yogurt granola bowl.


Nashville Travel Guide-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Tootsie’s: I had the most fun here two of the times I went! This bar gets insanely crowded though and it’s definitely the most popular bar on Broadway (it’s the purple building). I recommend day drinking here because of how popular it is.

Robert’s Western World: This is the Honky Tonk where the locals hang out. The music is a little more classic and old school, and I love the vibe here! They also have something called the recession special which is a fried bologna sandwich, moon pie, PBR, and potato chips.

32 Bridge: This is Luke Bryan’s bar, so it was a must visit for me! We had so much fun here, we were able to find a table, and the live music was so good!
Whiskey Row: This is Dierks Bentley’s bar which is such a fun spot! We stayed here for a while listening to the music, and we were lucky enough to find a couple seats at the bar. This place gets packed too!

Things to Do:

Nashville Travel Guide-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Grand Ole Opry: You must go to the Opry when you’re in Nashville. The schedule will constantly change until you get there for the show that day, so just keep checking online to see who will be performing. It’s a live radio show with about 7 or so performers and they each sing about 2-3 songs each. The first time we went we were lucky enough to see Brad Paisley, the second time was more of a miss, and the third time we saw Carrie Underwood!

Country Music Hall of Fame: If you like really old country music you’ll like this place! It was still fun to check out even though I don’t know a lot about older country music, and they usually have a display or two for current country music singers.

Studio B: If you do the Country Music Hall of Fame, you can buy a ticket to Studio B as a package. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a ticket to Studio B. This is where Elvis, Dolly Parton, and a ton of other people recorded. It’s so cool to see!! Definitely one of my favorite things we did.

Ryman Auditorium: It’s where the Opry started, and I definitely suggest checking this out. I don’t recommend doing the tour though (not worth the extra money in my opinion), but you can do a self-guided tour that I think is worth it.
12 South: This is where you can find a couple murals, and a bunch of fun shops! I loved going to Draper James and White’s Mercantile for some shopping.
Blue Bird Cafe: Getting tickets is difficult, and they only go on sale a few days before the scheduled show. We were lucky enough to get tickets the third time we were in Nashville, and it was my favorite thing that we did! We went for a song writer’s circle show and they all went around singing some amazing songs, and telling stories. It was seriously amazing!
Johnny Cash Museum: This museum is pretty small, but you must check it out! It was fun to learn more about Johnny Cash, and they had some really interesting things on display in this museum.
Have you been to Nashville?

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