Toddler Meal Ideas

Toddler Meal Ideas-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Coming up with what to feed your toddler can seem so overwhelming at first! Looking back, it seemed a lot easier when I was nursing and then when I was feeding Charlotte baby food because it was all so straight forward. Now, I feel like I’m juggling with making sure Charlotte is eating enough and also eating the right foods. She also has a lot of opinions about what she eats now that she’s a toddler, but overall she’s a really good eater (minus the fact that she isn’t a fan of meat other than deli turkey). Today I wanted to share some ideas on what to feed your toddler for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also snacks. Also, a side note that these are the plates, bowls, and bibs that we love.



Eggs, toast, and blueberries

Waffle (our favorites are by Kodiak Cakes) with peanut butter and strawberries

Oatmeal and bananas

Pancakes with pure maple syrup and peaches


PB&J and blueberries

Turkey and cheese sandwich, and strawberries

Grilled cheese sandwich and peaches


Veggie burger, peas, and strawberries

Macaroni and cheese, carrots, and blueberries

Cheese quesadilla, green beans, and apple sauce

Veggie meatballs, string cheese, and butternut squash

Hummus and pita, peas, and strawberries

Rice, black beans, string cheese, avocado, and pineapple

Pasta with butter or tomato sauce, green beans, and peaches

Pita pizza, cauliflower pizza, or english muffin pizza with tomato sauce and cheese, and carrots on the side



Graham crackers




Pouches when we are on the go

Toddler Meal Ideas

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