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Vacation Beauty Favorites-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

We recently spent a little over a week in Emerald Isle, NC with my family and we had a blast! I’ve never spent that much time at the beach before, and it was both amazing and relaxing (considering we had a toddler with us). While at the beach I definitely wore less make-up and never used any heat on my hair and it was glorious. Considering that we were gone for 9 days, I brought along all full size beauty products with me and I wanted to share some of my favorite ones for vacation:

1. Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops

I have fair skin that burns and doesn’t tan, so I recently started using the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops and I absolutely love them. You can mix these drops with your favorite moisturizer and they don’t have a weird smell like other self-tanners do, I never turn orange, and it doesn’t come off on your sheets/towels. It’s honestly the best self-tanner I’ve ever tried!

2. Sun Bum mineral tinted sunscreen

I opted to wear less make-up during our time at the beach, and instead I used the Sun Bum mineral tinted sunscreen that I picked up at Target. It didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, it was lightweight, and gave me a little coverage so I didn’t have to wear make-up. It’s definitely perfect for the day at the beach.

3. Beauty Pie micropeeling drops

I’ve mentioned Beauty Pie before here, and I’m still obsessed! Their micropeeling drops have been my favorite product that I’ve purchased from them, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and it evens out my skin tone. This isn’t sponsored, but you can use my referral link to receive your first month for free here.

4. R + Co curl cream

Believe it or not, my hair is really curly. I usually opt to use a flat iron and straighten it because I feel like with shorter hair I look like Shirley Temple. Lately, I’ve decided to embrace my curls though because it’s so much easier/faster to get ready in the morning, and it gives my hair a break from the heat. One of my best friends told me about the R + Co curl cream, and it’s seriously life changing. I love the way that my hair looks with this curl cream, it leaves it feeling so soft, and it smells amazing. If you have curly hair I highly recommend it.


What are your favorite beauty products for vacation?

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