Natural Deodorant Journey

Natural Deodorant Journey-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

…and what a journey it has been! I decided that I wanted to switch to a deodorant that was aluminum free because of some things that I heard, and breast cancer runs in my family so I don’t want to take any chances. The one thing that I didn’t realize is that you go through a detox and adjustment period that can last about 4 weeks (you might experience an increase in sweat and odor so bring along deodorant with you during the day). During this time, I tried 4 different deodorants and here’s my take on each one of them:

1. Dove: I used Dove deodorant before, so I thought that I would like their aluminum deodorant as well. For me, it just doesn’t hold up for longer than a few hours and I had to reapply several times throughout the day. However, I did like the smell, that it went on smoothly, and the price tag.

2. KopariThis is the second one that I tried and I picked it up at Ulta. My co-worker loves this deodorant, but this is when I noticed a lot of redness and wondered if I was having a reaction to something in this deodorant so I decided to make a change. I did like that it lasted all day without having to reapply, but also the scent was a little over powering for me.

3. Megababe: After Kopari, I decided to try Megababe and see if would help the redness that I was experiencing. I was still just as red when I tried this deodorant, I had to reapply each afternoon, and it felt rough when I was applying it. It had an amazing lemon smell though, and I was able to pick it up at Target which was a bonus.

4. Lume: My other co-worker recommended this one, and it’s the winner for me! I figured out that I have some type of an allergy to coconut oil, and this deodorant doesn’t have that as an ingredient where most others do. What I loved about this one is that all of my redness went away after using this one for a couple days, the smell is amazing, it lasts all day, and I was able to order it on Amazon. Just a side note, the application of Lume is a little different and it’s similar to a gel deodorant so you need to make sure that it dries before you get dressed.

Natural Deodorant Journey-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Have you tried natural deodorant?

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