Nightly Skin Care Routine

Nightly Skin Care Routine-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

I shared my morning skin care routine last week here, and today I wanted to share my nightly routine with you too! I’ve switched up my routine a lot over the past year and I’ve found some products that I really love. Like I mentioned before, I do have acne prone skin and these are the products that have been working well for me lately:

1. Repeat the first three steps of my morning skin care routine:

I use the same cleanser, toner, and moisturizer each morning and night.


2. Apply micropeeling drops:

I use these drops from Beauty Pie after I cleanse and tone, but before I apply moisturizer. I use about 3 drops each night and I let it soak in a little before using a moisturizer. (You can use my referral link to receive your first month of Beauty Pie for free here).

3. Use an anti-aging eye cream:

I love eye cream by Versed that I picked up at Target. I just apply a little bit each night before bed.

4. Moisturize my hands:

My hands are so dry and they are already showing their age which is something I’ve been working on. I’ve been using this super retinol hand cream by Beauty Pie and I absolutely love it! I’ve already used up one tube and I’ve repurchased it.

5. Apply a lip oil

This lip oil by Versed is also amazing. My lips get so dry during the colder months, and it’s so nourishing.

What is your nightly skin care routine?


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