Pom Pom Cardigan

I’ve been seeing pom pom cardigans everywhere, and I really love how fun and different they are! The ones that I found though were a little out of my price range for a trendy piece, that is until I stumbled upon this one at Lulu’s. I found it on sale after Christmas, and it’s still in stock at only $27. I really love it for a date night outfit with a pair of black denim, ankle boots, and statement earrings. It’s also a really great weight and super cozy which is perfect for February weather. What do you think of pom pom cardigans?

Pom Pom Cardigan

Lulu’s cardigan | Old Navy denim | c/o Kendra Scott earrings | Rebecca Minkoff bag | Target booties (similar)

Pom Pom Cardigan
Pom Pom Cardigan
Pom Pom Cardigan
Pom Pom Cardigan
Pom Pom Cardigan
Pom Pom Cardigan

Photos by GloryRoze Photography

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Tuesday’s Cravings: Valentine’s Day

Here are the items that I’m craving this week! I currently have Valentine’s Day on my mind since it’s only a week and a half away now which blows my mind. I’ve been browsing online for pieces for me and also items for Charlotte for the holiday. I recently purchased this sweater from Aerie and these earrings from BaubleBar which will definitely make for the perfect casual Valentine’s Day outfit for me, and I also purchased this dress from Old Navy for Charlotte. Which is your favorite, and what are you currently craving?Tuesday's Cravings-Valentine's Day-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Top (for Mama): Aerie sweater | BaubleBar earrings | Old Navy sweater
Bottom (for baby): Old Navy one-piece| Old Navy pajamas | Old Navy dress

Weekend Five + Giveaway

Weekend Five-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Happy Saturday! It’s rare that I write a blog post on the weekend, but I wanted to share a few fun things and new finds with you from this week:

  • I’ve been doing a lot more cooking these days now that we are doing the 21 Day Fix again (you can read more about it here). A couple weeks ago I made my very first sheet pan meal and I am hooked (you can see the recipe here)! Sheet pan meals are so easy to make and they take so little time to cook too. On Thursday I made my own variation with peppers, onion, broccoli, and veggie sausage and I’ll definitely be making it again.
  • After doing a little late night online shopping I came across this cozy pink sweater. It’s on sale and I think that it will be perfect for a casual Valentine’s Day with these earrings.
  • Mealtime with Charlotte has become tricky these days because of how picky she has become. I offer her a bunch of different foods at each meal, but sometimes she just isn’t interested. I recently came across this Instagram account which has been helpful to follow! Let me know if you have any tips though or any go to meals for your little ones.
  • I recently gave Stitch Fix another try and it has been really fun! The last fix that I got was all athleisure pieces which is definitely what I gravitate towards when I’m playing with Charlotte and also when I’m working from home. I’ll be posting the athleisure pieces that I received on my Instagram stories today so be sure to check it out here.
  • Lastly, you can win a $400 Amazon gift card by just giving a few minutes of your time!

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How To Balance It All as a Mom

How To Balance It All as a Mom-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

Becoming a Mother for the first time is a really big transition. You go from having all the freedom in the world, to taking care of this tiny human while running on very little sleep. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I feel so fortunate to be a Mom, but it’s definitely a challenge at first. Thankfully life with Charlotte is a lot easier now that she is one, and I’ve also developed a few tricks to balance it all as a working Mom. I’m definitely no expert, but here are 5 things that work for us:

1.Use a grocery delivery service:

Instacart is my biggest life saver. I’ve never actually been to a grocery store with Charlotte and instead we have all of our groceries delivered each week. We have a membership that costs $99 for the year for unlimited deliveries, or you can pay $3.99 for a one time delivery. For us it’s worth it not having to take time to go to the grocery store each week, and the fact that we don’t have to bring Charlotte along with us is even better. There are other options though including grocery pick-up at Walmart for no extra cost if you order a certain amount of groceries.

2.Hire a house cleaner:

After a little convincing, my husband finally agreed that we could hire someone to clean our house. My husband and I both work full-time and it was honestly really hard to find the time to clean, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed trying to do it all. I know that this might not work for every family and for everyone’s budget, but for us this is what works right now. If you’re able to have someone come and help you clean I think it’s 100% worth it, even if you have someone come once or a month or even come once and do a deep clean.

3.Meal prep:

I have a few really easy recipes that are our go to meals for the week that take 15 minutes or less (you can see some of them here). I have a limited amount of time to cook each night since Charlotte can only sit still in her highchair for so long. One of the things that I like to do is to meal prep by chopping up veggies on Sundays or the night before. It only takes a little time, but it makes a big difference. Another option that I love is to make meals in the crock pot which is truly a life saver.

4.Do a small load of laundry each day

Charlotte sure has a lot of laundry for such a little person. One thing that helps me a lot is to do a small load of laundry each day, or every other day. It’s a lot less overwhelming this way and it doesn’t take much time at all. If I wait and do all the laundry at once it’s way too much, and it’s hard to block out so much time to put away Charlotte’s things.

5.Take time for yourself:

This is something that I’m trying to do more of this year. I’ve realized that I need to take better care of myself so that I can be a better Mom to Charlotte. Taking time for myself could be taking a nap, working out, getting a manicure, reading a book, or spending time with your girlfriends. After all, I’m not able to do it all if I’m not well rested and happy.


How do you balance it all?