Morning Skin Care Routine

Morning Skin Care Routine-@headtotoechic-Head to Toe Chic

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been taking skin care a little more seriously now that I’m into my 30’s. I’ve recently made some changes to the products that I use, and wanted to share my updated morning skin care routine today (I’ll be sharing my nightly skin care routine next week). Just a side note, I do have acne prone skin and these are the products that have been working well for me lately:

1. Wash with a cleanser:

I’ve tried switching to other cleansers, but I keeping coming back to this one by Tula. It’s definitely worth the cost for me and it works really well.

2. Use a toner:

I’ve been using the acwell toner lately, and I’ve noticed a huge difference with my skin with how smooth it is since I started using it.

3. Moisturize:

I started using this moisturizer by Beauty Pie which also contains Vitamin C and I really like it so far. You can use my referral link to receive your first month for free here.

4. Apply a brightening eye cream:

I apply Beauty Pie‘s eye cream each morning and it really helps brighten under my eyes, and I love the way that it fells too.


What is your morning skin care routine?

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